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Branded hotel quotes, in seconds.

Hotel Quote makes it easy to create branded email and online quotes for your hotel's direct booking requests. Increase sales, promote your brand, and save time.

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Hotel Quote helps brands like these optimise their direct booking communications.

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Increase conversions while promoting your brand.

Hotel Quote connects to your favourite channel managers and automatically creates beautifully designed email quotes.

Real-time availability

No more mundane manual copy-pasting of prices and availability.

1-click quote automation

Let AI prepare the quote for you. You only need to send it to your customer!

Sales-first quote designs

No more plain-text responses. Hotel Quote offers branded quote designs that work across email clients.

Apply discounts

Apply discounts to the quote, either in its entirety or to specific rooms.

Combine rooms

In cases where not any one room is available for the entire stay, Hotel Quote can combine multiple rooms to create a quote.

Offline quotes

Create manual quotes, even when the hotel is not online in the booking engine.

Custom text fields

Create your own template content to reuse in every response. You can always edit before you send.

Manage multiple properties

Easily switch between your properties, saving time on every quote.

Your own style

Set custom designs to match your property's brand and identity.

Work as a team

Hotel Quote supports multiple users per property so whether you are a one-person operation or a team of agents, we have you covered.

Links to your website

Quote links lead to your website, thus increasing traffic and context for the customer.

Complete room presentation

Your customer can see a full description of each available room within the quote, hence make it easy to proceed to booking.

Save time. Delight your customers.

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